Popular College Drugs – When Do Things Get Out of Control

During college days, a lot of things are taken to the extreme and a lot of things are explored by the students. Whether it is romantic pleasure, all night study or intoxication experiments, it is better to keep a few things into consideration.  If I talk about drugs, it can result into depression and paranoia mood as well as create legal problems.

School grades and emotional issues can be triggered for turning to alcohol or drugs.  A few of the drugs that are famous in college students are acid, caffeine, Adderall, marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms and ecstasy.  modafinil nootropic is being used to enhance cognitive performance. It can be abused easily.  Addiction is not easy to catch, it is subtle.

In order to cover college as well as other expenses, most of the students turn into drug sellers. Ritalin is one of the most popular drugs in UK and USA that has been sold out in college campus without even prescription.

All of the above mentioned drugs have their side-effects.  It is better to teach students about developing good coping skills so that do not depend upon on illegal things. They can start with yoga, exercise or natural remedies for enhancing the power of their brain. This will make them clearer rather than creating an emotional cycle of ups and downs. 

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