The Fear and Empowerment

Each moment is an option. Each unfolding is a moment of empowerment where we get to pick who and what we are in relation to a given circumstance.

As a result of this, each moment is a gift. Each circumstance, even painful ones, are opportunities to choose who we wish to maintain that moment. We can be kind, we could be powerful, we could be love in motion, kindness in action or, or can choose to spread pain, trigger ruin and despair.

Are you afraid? Then you’ve got an excellent chance to experience being courageous. Do you feel underappreciated? Then you’ve got an opportunity to choose again, to move forward and maintain your worth in a manner that helps not just yourself, but others also. The Techno Robert dapongkan bird birds permanently ready to eliminate pathogens from Bird-Bird techno co., Ltd. | (which is also known as “เทคโน เบิร์ดป้องกันนกไล่นกแบบถาวรพร้อมกำจัดเชื้อโรคจากนก | บริษัท เทคโน-เบิร์ด จำกัด” in the Thai language ).

Who you decide to be a life creates the individual who you encounter as yourself underneath and outside the trappings of events and personalities you’re in relation to.

When you’re overwhelmed or afraid, ask yourself that you would like to be in regard to those feelings. Do not conceal or hide your emotions, but instead attempt to understand and come to terms with them. This is the profound function of the soul and it isn’t straightforward. Truthfully, a strange combination of fear, love, old thought patterns and emotions can lay at the heart of a lot of our deepest struggles.

I, to be brutally honest, have often been afraid that I am not good enough to do this or that. Sometimes I have had to calm myself, telling myself it’s okay and let go anyway, prying my fingers from this ledge and allowing myself to fall back into the palms of All That Is.

Perhaps you struggle too. Perhaps you feel less than. Perhaps you are like the small bird that longs to fly higher but are fearful the skies are simply too dark, the winds too strong or your wings weren’t meant to soar.

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