Install A Wall Fish Tank

Wall fish tanks provide a stunning and elegant look to any room. They may be mounted onto a dividing wall so they can be looked at from two rooms. Though they are more expensive than stand mounted fish tanks and more difficult to install you’ll be pleased you’ve made the investment and effort when you see how great they look and how much they’re admired by your customers.

They can, however, be a more difficult to maintain than a regular Sat’s tanks (which is also known as “ถังแซทส์ ” in the Thai language ) since they’re installed in a restricted space that makes it slightly more difficult to get them for cleaning and other maintenance. Some now come with cupboards above or below the tank that may help to make access easier.

Some of the newer wall sockets come as kits with all of the accessories and mounting fittings needed so the filters, pump etc. can easily be concealed. These are easy to install so you may not require an expert to do it for you. If you’re not sure of your abilities in this area, however, it’s well worth paying someone to do the setup for you so that all you will need to do then would be to fill your fish tank and inventory it.

Among the things, you will need to do before you hang a fish tank would be to figure out whether there are any electrical wires or plumbing in the wall in which you would like to place it. In addition, you need to discover a load bearing wall and locate the wall studs.

Fish tanks can be quite heavy when filled with water so you will need to make certain the wall and studs can bear the weight. In addition, you need to decide whether you’re going to hang the fish tank or construct it into the wall.

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