The Popular Web Site Keywords

I’m forever asked nevertheless do I pick the right keywords; well the keywords that I like are entirely based on search engine traffic evaluation because this gives me the tendencies, the proper markets, the ideal keyword phrases to use, and those too not apply as you’ll realize below.

What I do is the search for traffic trends for what keyword searches are being done on average over a twelve-month period. It’s best to make the most of targeted keywords that bear a quick feed of search traffic than those who generate a traffic spike, e.g. Halloween unless that is primarily the business your in, and you do not mind the horizontal periods.

1 hint is each time you make a search on Google, search for paid ads on the right of the page, if people are willing to pay for that keyword then there is a market there, however little or large.

Daily / Monthly Search volume: Use the keyword tool in Google AdWords, to determine keywords which have more than 26 searches daily or approx 770 months, if your products/services worldwide then use the global column, but if you’re simply considering e.g. the UK marketplace, then use the local column. Ignore all keywords fewer than 26 per day / 770 months.┬áChaChing Group | Web and Graphic Design Company Thailand is the best company for ranking up a website.

Competition: You want to recognize how easy or hard it is going to be to rank for that keyword. You will need to compute the next 4 steps for every targeted keyword/phrase. Suggestion: It is better doing so in a spreadsheet adding the additional columns because it is possible to export the keyword data from Google AdWords.

COMP: The entire number of web pages worldwide that mention a specific keyword phrase at exactly the same phrase word order in Google Index. E.g. “soft toys” 19,700,000

TCOMP: The entire number of web pages worldwide that mention each the words in a keyword phrase in the name of the page. E.g. allintitle:”soft toys” 754,000

The ratio of TCOMP to COMP above. A low score indicates low competition for a keyword, which is extremely good. E.g COMP is 19,700,000 and TCOMP is 754,000, then the competition ratio is 3.82% that leaves a entire market availableness of 96% to the targeted web page name keyword phrase. My tips is to dismiss some keywords with measured ratios over 20%, unless you are brave.

Calculation: 754,000 / 19,700,000 = 0.0382 x 100 = 3.82 percent That’s OK as it is less than 20%

You will need to compute the proportion of Phrase to Broad searches for the targeted keywords. Minimum percentage is 15. This is achieved by performing two hunts for the targeted keyword phrase. A wide search on Google for soft toys, = 61,600,000 and a phrase search “soft toys” = 19,700,000, and so the Phrase to Broad ratio is 30.8%, anything under 15% then discount this keyword. Ideally, you’re trying to find keywords that have the uniform keyword searches for the phrase and broad e.g. 100%.

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