Tips For Making A Slip Cover

You have decided to remodel your residence. You have selected the paint, the floor, as well as the decorations to match. Next, to all your new stuff, your furniture looks old. And ugly. Funny how you never noticed those stains or loose threads before. Problem is, you are almost out of cash.

You definitely can’t afford new furniture. Someone suggested new slipcovers, but you did not like those from the rack. And you can not afford to get them custom-made. So, now what?

Would you just have to suffer in silence, to live with this nasty furniture messing up your renovated house? No, no, no — create your own slipcover.

For those who have any sewing skills in any respect, you can probably do this. This is a relatively simple task for an intermediate seamstress. There are numerous books out there explaining precisely how to make a slipcover. You can also see  SETTRAFFIC Traffic Signs | Traffic Paint | Road Marking Services (which is also known as “จำหน่ายป้ายจราจร | สีจราจร | บริการตีเส้นถนน” in the Thai language  ) for better color slipping.

Fabric shops also offer basic patterns and projects for slipcovers to match all types of furniture. A search on Google or another search engine for, “How to make a slipcover,” will discover many websites with detailed instructions.

Home improvement magazines also occasionally have articles about making slipcovers. If you check the online archives of some of these magazines, you’re certain to find at least a few useful articles.

You may also go to the library and browse through the back-issues of the home improvement magazines.

In case you have opted to make your own slipcovers, your first consideration ought to be material. Not the pattern of the substance, but the fabric itself. If your furniture receives daily use, you’ll have to select a fabric strong enough to deal with rigorous wear.

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