Signs of an Attune Knee Failure

The Attune Leg lawsuit says the medical device was defectively created by DePuy Synthes so that its operative glue wouldn’t normally properly contain the device to the patient’s tibia bone creating premature failure, huge pain, and lack of mobility.

Our lawyer is seeking settlement for those who received an Attune Leg replacement unit system and who experienced accidents from it, including lack of ability to move, severe pain, microbe infections, or revision surgery. For more information about DePuy Knee Lawsuit | DePuy Attune Knee Lawsuits, you can check out via the web.

A total knee substitute is considered a serious medical procedure. The leg is the most significant and hardest-working joint in the torso. The orthopedic physician removes the ruined leg joint and replaces it with a prosthetic joint, usually created from steel, ceramic, or clear plastic.

The ends of the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (lower knee) must be removed and slice to form as a way to get implants that imitate the natural condition of the joint.

To be able to adhere the leg replacement unit to the patient’s natural bone, a particular kind of adhesive cement is utilized. The failure of the adhesion process is the principal concern behind the alarming failing rate of the DePuy Attune system.

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