Does Every Nigerian News Provider Have To Be Pro Buhari?

One of the problems that you may face when looking for Nigerian news is that of bias. Nigeria does not indeed enjoy a very good reputation as far as political leadership is concerned as corruption has been one of the biggest issues facing the country. Previous presidents have been charged with corruption and political rivalry of different nature has also caused numerous problems to the country.

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One of the latest issues is that of terrorism however the present leadership does not seem to be good enough in dealing with these problems that have been taking a toll on the lives of common people. If you go through the various nigerian news especially those printed by media based in Nigeria then things will appear to be pro Buhari, that is, they would be publishing news that would be positively reflecting the work done by their current president.

However, this has been happening in the past too with previous presidents enjoying the same type of good and positive media coverage however soon after they have retired things appear to be changing. So, Nigerian news providers do not necessarily have to be pro Buhari as the news media is supposed to be working independently in presenting information to people in an impartial way.

This may not, understandably, be as easy as it may be to just think about, but, Nigerian newspapers should be doing their part in ensuring that they are not influenced or blackmailed by any group or organisation when preparing news for the public.