Oilcloth Table Cloths: Stain-Resistant Option

If you want to have a stain resistant table cloth that can be used over the years, you may opt to have an oilcloth table cloth. It is best used during children’s party where mess is very possible to occur because of the children. It is usually thicker than the present types of fabrics like linens and cotton table cloths. It is made to be waterproof to avoid absorption of any kinds of liquids that may damage the beauty and design of the entire table cloth. It does require massive cleaning maintenance and storage problems. It is much more inexpensive too, so you can be sure that will surely fit your tight budget when planning a small gathering like birthdays and picnics.

Oilcloth table cloth is made in various ways since it was first used. In later years, the oilcloth is made out from a thick textile that has a backing of cotton. Even linens are used to manufacture oilcloths. Actually, all types of cloth material can be used. It will then be covered with linseed oil or popularly known as flaxseed oil. It is yellowish in color extracted from the ripe flax seeds that are dried thru direct sunlight. Since this oil has polymer properties, producers take advantage of it also to make durable and impermeable table cloth. It is considered as a good plasticizer, too, for other products like linoleum.

After covering the material with flax seed oil, they will let it dry either by lying it flat directly to sunlight or thru the use of some drying machines. They will add some ornaments and designs like flowers and colors, too, to make it more appealing and saleable. It will be done before putting oil in the table cloth.

For modernized oilcloths, they are not using linseed oil. Instead they are using vinyl coating over a thicker cotton or linen fabric. It is more flexible now though it can create more creases once stored for long periods of time. You can fix the tore parts, too, by sewing the tattered cloth. If it is not properly stored for years, vinyl coats will become brittle that may create several cracks that will fall out from the fabric.

There is another variation of vinyl oilcloth table cloth wherein they are using a thin webs of cotton coated with a thick vinyl material. It is not as bendable as the latter type but it provides more durability and strength. It has greater probability of restraining stains and liquids from being absorbed. This is known as the most common kind of oilcloth today with lots of varieties when it comes to colors and designs. Producers also add vintage designs to compromise the look of older versions of oilcloth. Another newer edition of oilcloth is a textile enveloped with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is as strong as vinyl oilcloth and can also stay for long years.